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Constructing eLearning 2.0 Content

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Course Construction

eLearning 2.0 content does not typically look like a traditional training course. Instead, it consists of many small pieces of content, integrated with learner collaboration applications. Assessments and learning exercises are sprinkled throughout the content, rather than being administered at the end.

When preparing content for a new online course, think about the following objectives:

  • Segment your material into small, bite-sized chunks.
  • Give control to the student.
  • Allow random/student-selected access to content.
  • Provide self-assessment tools to help the student select the most meaningful and relevant content.
  • Encourage sharing and collaboration among students.
  • Incorporate meaningful interactive tools to help students practice and apply their knowledge.
  • Provide frequent and rapid feedback.
  • Add audio and video to keep the user's attention.
  • Use graphics effectively.
  • Text should support your graphical and multimedia content, not supplant it.
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