Course Construction FAQ

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I have a lot of existing PowerPoints, what’s the fastest and easiest way to turn these into online courses?

  • Simply send us the PowerPoints, and we will convert them into a web-ready Flash format for instant online viewing.

How do you create online courses?

  • Usually, our clients have the course content on PowerPoint presentations. We can work with you to enhance these presentations with interactivities, audio narration, and even integrated presenter video. The results are rich, engaging and effective! Click here to see some samples.

 Can I sell my training or other videos over the internet?

  • Yes, we can equip your eLearning environment with full commerce, so that you can make money on your courses while you sleep. We can also incorporate on-line testing, and send certificates to the students upon successful completion.

I have some old VHS tapes, can you use those for courses?

  • Absolutely. We can convert them to internet-ready video format, and then incorporate them into your course or presentation setup.  Reusing existing material makes sense economically and increases efficiency.
What makes the WebOffices content conversion process better than other options?
  • Most importantly, we do it all for you, with a complete turnkey service. Further, we only use professional quality, state-of-the-art tools. You don’t need to learn any complicated add-in software or video tools. You focus on what you do best, creating and delivering presentations to help you make money, and we make it all work for you on the internet.

What kind of output files do you use?

  • We produce in high performance Flash output. This insures fast loading, web-optimized productions, and attractive screen layouts.

Can I add any multimedia features to my PowerPoint?

  • Yes, we can help you add voiceover narration and/or integrated presenter video. Both these options increase the interest and perceived quality of your presentation. Voice-over narration is a fast and cost-effective way to enhance your PowerPoints, while integrated video really brings your presentation to life.

How can I make sure that my online students really learn the material?

  • The instructional design experts at WebOffices will guide you through the process of identifying goals and desired outcomes to make sure your eLearning programs are effective.

  • First, we can put your tests and quizzes online, including automated grading and delivery of course completion certificates when the student passes the course.

  • Second, make sure your materials are interesting, accurate, and easy to view.

  • Lastly, think about adding summary and review pages. We can help by incorporating easy navigation so students can return to previously viewed sections for review.

Who does the narration for the voiceover PowerPoints?
  • You can either do it yourself or use the professional voice talent pool available through WebOffices. To narrate your own presentation, you can use a PC microphone to create a narration sound file on your own computer, then send us the file through our file upload system. To use a professional voice actor, you will need to provide us with a slide-by-slide script for the voice talent to read from.
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