Course Construction FAQ

Q&A about creating online courses.

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I have a lot of existing PowerPoints, what’s the fastest and easiest way to turn these into online courses?

How do you create online courses?

 Can I sell my training or other videos over the internet?

I have some old VHS tapes, can you use those for courses?

What makes the WebOffices content conversion process better than other options?
  • Most importantly, we do it all for you, with a complete turnkey service. Further, we only use professional quality, state-of-the-art tools. You don’t need to learn any complicated add-in software or video tools. You focus on what you do best, creating and delivering presentations to help you make money, and we make it all work for you on the internet.

What kind of output files do you use?

Can I add any multimedia features to my PowerPoint?

How can I make sure that my online students really learn the material?

Who does the narration for the voiceover PowerPoints?
  • You can either do it yourself or use the professional voice talent pool available through WebOffices. To narrate your own presentation, you can use a PC microphone to create a narration sound file on your own computer, then send us the file through our file upload system. To use a professional voice actor, you will need to provide us with a slide-by-slide script for the voice talent to read from.